5,7 GHz and 24 GHz EME in Gajów - JO80EM
Hi EME gang,

if all goes well, during the weekend and EME&MW meeting in Poland - Gajow -
JO80EM on 6th to 9th of June 2019 I will be EME QRV 5760 MHz in DUBUS
contest and have ready also 24 GHz. Conditions looks promising with low
spread on 24 GHz. So I can quickly change between bands and try 24 GHz if
anybody want try.

24 GHz setup 180cm dish, 23W RF, 1,8dB N/F

5,6 GHz setup 180cm dish, 100W RF, 0,9dB N/F

I hope to have all ready for test on Friday 7th of June and will be on HB9Q
chat for 24 GHz tests. If anybody interesting for 24 GHz test, let me know
to my e-mail address. I would like to know, if any interest in this band and


73! Zdenek OK1DFC